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Dear customers

Plant protection products (pesticides) are chemical and biological substances that:

  • protect plants and crops against animals, microbes and plant pathogens
  • prevent or inhibit growth of weed
  • regulate growth of plants

Pesticides can be divided into two groups according to their application:

fungicides (kill or inhibit fungi)
herbicides (kill weeds)

In our product range you can also find:

  • pest control products (prevent against snails and slugs, voles, insects)
  • all garden products manufactured by Gardena
  • pressure sprayers and pumps for application of pesticides

Visit our shop and find information you need.

We would like to point out that for suitable productivity pesticides should be dosed in proper quantities.

+++Should you have any questions or you need individual advice please contact us. We are available 24 hours a day (contact).+++

We sell only pesticides that are permitted for use by applicable law. List of products permitted by federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food security you can obtain here:


Application of specific pesticides is according to § 6 section 2 of the Protection plant Act permitted only in cases when they are used in agriculture, forestry or gardening. In other cases according to §6 section3 a separate permission of the relevant authority is required.

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